Frequently Asked Questions about TS Fees


What is the Tyre Stewardship Fee?

Click here to go to the Tyrewise website where you will find detailed information about new Tyre Stewardship Fees.


What are the Customs Tariff Codes?

The Customs Tariff Codes are used to classify the types of tyres being imported into New Zealand and also to determine the Tyre Stewardship Fees. Click here to see a list of Customs Tariff Codes.


What are the TS Fees for each of the Customs codes?

Click here for the TS Fees for each of the Customs Tariff Codes.


What is the Ruling on Classifying ATV Tyres?

 The tyres fitted on a new Quad only attract a total of $8.00 + gst (on sale of the Quad) for all 4 tyres combined. This is leading people to believe that the tariff on loose tyres should only be $2.00 each. However, applying the Customs Tariff Code for loose ATV Tyres attracts a fee of $13.30 + gst each. Becuse of this inconsistency, Customs were asked to provide a ruling on the correct tariff to be used for loose tyres.  Click here to read that ruling.